Banggood YQK-120/240/300 Blue Manual Hydraulic Pliers Crimp Wire Cutter Crimping Stripper Crimping Tools Electrician Multifunctio

Fonctionnalité:1. It's a professional àol for crimping copper and aluminum lugs with different types, a wide range of crimping dies from 4mm² à 300mm² en fonction de la demande de taille différente.2. Extremely hard and not easy à break.3. All Steel Heat Treatment Technology. Uniform heat treatment technology, so that the product is not easily broken, improve the service life.4.Easy Pressure Relief. Adjustable oil return valve, different structure, long service, no oil leakage.5. Dual Speed Oil Pump Core. Modifed version plunger, three-layer sealing ring isolation without oil leakage.6. Thickening Design for High Hardness. After thermal treatment, the hardness is higher, die with steel stamp, easy à confirm the mmodèle of the die.7. Insulated Handle Design. Heat treated handle has high strength without deformation, more comfortable and anti-slip. Sspécification:Mmodèle YQK-70YQK-120YQK-240YQK-300Contribute8T8T12T12TStromper 10mm16mm20mm20mmGamme de sertissage4-70Mm²10-120mm²16-240mm²16-300mm²Forme de sertissageHexagonal Confining PressureHexagonal Confining PressureHexagonal Confining PressureHexagonal Confining PressureLength 310mm400mm470mm470mmWhuit 3.0Kg4.5Kg6.2Kg6.3KgPAckage Boite en plastiqueBoite en plastiqueBoite en plastiqueBoite en plastiqueConfiguration du moule1: [YQK-70]:4/6/10/16/25/35/50/70mm² 2: [YQK-120]:10/16/25/35/50/70/95/120mm² 3: [YQK-240]: 16/25/35/50/70/95/120/150/185 / 240mm² 4: [YQK-300]:16/25/35/50/70/95/120/150/185/240/300mm²Note: Please lock t

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